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Training & Employment for ASD Adults

MTA Current State

Non-profit organization providing training in software testing to qualified individuals with specialized abilities who possess a desire to work, an interest in technology with a keen eye for detail and the ability to spot patterns and irregularities.

MTA Future State

Additional curriculum and training in test automation, software development, data analytics, cyber-security and compliance testing expanding and accelerating employment opportunities for many more worthy ASD individuals.


Students learn hands-on software testing skills preparing them to work on real world projects.

Students receive extensive training and are prepared for a variety of software testing jobs including running Exploratory, Functional, Regression and User Scenario Tests.


Software QA jobs are expanding in the US as software development activity growth significantly outpaces US GDP.  There are also many US Companies interested in hiring ASD individuals to perform software testing as many possess extraordinary QA skills.

Companies that exclusively hire ASD individuals include: auticon US, Aspiritech and Ultranauts.  Additionally, many companies under the “Autism@Work” initiative are in need of qualified software test analysts for their neurodiversity programs. 

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